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June 23, 6pm

Chuck Arlund


This work began with exploration of identity, considering commentary about gender, shame, humanity

and artists’ anxiety as I question the relevance of the straight white male role in contemporary art. The intention of my work is to visually represent human uniqueness and individuality. This work considers ideas of body

and identity, faith and belief; challenging shame and sexuality within concepts of gender, confronting my own
thoughts about love, marriage, and equality. Man and woman together, made more dynamic when united but
allowing distinctions to be semi-transparent with the use of multiple exposures.
As a photographer I turn the camera on myself, not as a self-portrait, but as a vehicle to put myself into
the position of the object; to counter the power imbalance inherent in works made by members of the straight

white male patriarchy. Manipulation of the film prior to exposure creates unknown abstractions and redactions, using the inherent unfaithfulness of expired analog film to explore the possibility of some larger collective “truth.” This can represent God or the unknown universe that drives human curiosity. Marks are made on

expired film using acrylic paint, White Out and semen. Once exposed, developed, and washed away, remnants
are left hovering above the image as a sublime presence.

The work continues to evolve into a commentary on dualities or turning points as I investigate the edge
of things, the space that lives between conscience and sub-conscience, a place of contemplation or change.


Chuck Arlund is a Murfreesboro-based photographer and educator.

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